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Repeal Right-to-Work in Missouri

For over a century, labor unions have protected and strengthened workers through a process called collective bargaining. But right-to-work laws, like PROPOSITION A in Missouri, are taking that protection away. […]

IAM-Sponsored Young Mechanics Showcase Skills

Aviation High School, an education training center that’s sponsored by the IAM, competed in front of thousands of people at the annual Aerospace Maintenance Competition in Orlando.   The post […]

Sen. Sherrod Brown Pushes Pension Protections

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, of Ohio, who has been sounding the alarm on a pending pension crisis and was named co-chair of the newly-formed Joint Select Committee on the Solvency […]

Machinists return to Memphis to Honor Dr. King

IAM International President Robert Martinez, Jr. led hundreds of Machinists back to Memphis to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The civil rights […]

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